In the 21st Century, cute kids are still a part of American wedding ceremony. In a formal wedding, ring bearers carry wedding bands and flower girls open the bride’s entrance processional. Usually, a ring bearer carries a large white satin pillow on which imitation rings are sewn, while the real wedding bands are kept in the safekeeping of the best man. Two other roles can be assigned to young relatives or the children of relatives and friends in a wedding- Page Boy and Coin Bearer. A page boy is often seen at British royal weddings. Traditionally, page boys carry the bride’s train, especially if she is wearing a dress with a long train. The coin bearer is a young boy who marches on the wedding aisle to bring the wedding coins. The coins are presented to the celebrant for a blessing, usually consist of thirteen gold and silver coins, to represent Jesus and his apostles.

Photo of Two by Atlanta Wedding Photographers