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Top 10 NYC Parks for photoshoot


A perfect overview for those who search for inspiration and a stunning photoshoot.

Typical Manhattan photos in Central Park, what can be more boring? If you want to be unique, to have incredible pictures, and just to meet fellow citizen, go and visit Manhattan parks! Find millions of hidden secret places. Manhattan is fantastic. The more you walk here, the more unexpected views you will find.

No need to wait any longer, grab your camera, friends, maybe fiancé or partner and let’s find out some hidden treasures in the heart of NYC.

We ask professional photographer Serg Makarov where is the best park onk Manhattan for photoshoot. 
    1.Lost In The City Center. Bryant Park

    The first on our list is a famous park named in honour of American poet and journalist William Cullen Bryant.

    Located in the very heart of Manhattan, close to New York Public Library, it is a perfect place to rest during lunch break or to meet with old friends to chat and to drink take-away coffee.

    Only 10 acres of land makes Bryant Park perfect for a city style photoshoot, showing the connection of business life and nature.
      Dream Big. Nelson A. Rockefeller park

      Searching for kind of “something-for-everyone“ place? Welcome to Rockefeller park, dude!

      Big lawns, gigantic sculptures, terrific playground, 19th century ruins of Irish cottage. And a lot more: the longer you walk here, the more hidden places you will find.

      And one more thing. Sunsets are amazing here as nowhere. Go and check them out.
        Is It Still Manhattan? Fort Tryon Park

        If you want to escape from everything, this is a perfect place. Find 190th Street on the map and come here. Jogging, picnicking, or making a cool photoshoot, do whatever you want.

        Perfect view of the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge are truly unforgettable.

        This park is rather far from the city center, so it is easy to find a quiet place and to get lost for some hours.
          On the top of Manhattan. Battery Park

          Historically rich place, this park can boasts it perfect location and impressive views.

          Nice waterfront, flower gardens, monuments make it unique place to visit and to walk through numerous hours.

          The huge open territory makes it perfect for a great photoshoot. Choose the right weather and go!
            Million of activities at one place. Riverside Park

            Located quite close to the famous Central Park, it is an ideal place to visit at any time.

            Here you can find lots of activities and see a fantastic panoramic view of the Hudson River flowing across the horizon.

            Riverside Park is full of unexpected panoramas, just feel the right moment and take the best shoot!
              Business escape. Zuccotti Park

              One of the most controversial parks in Lower Manhattan is Zuccotti park, former known as Liberty Plaza park.

              Located in the heart of financial district close to Wall Street and Broadway, it has some special mood, offering a piece of nature in the business jungle.

              It is opened 24 hours a day, and the best time to visit it is right after midnight. Yes, with all the light sup, it is truly magnificent.

              Here you can feel the mysterious charms of the city, combined with natural city rhythms.
                Unique atmosphere. Washington Square Park

                Situated in the center of Manhattan, this park has beautiful panoramas and numerous flowers.

                Well known for its arch, it has been a busy place playing different roles during the history. Parade ground, cemetery, playground for children, it has turned into powerful energy accumulating point.

                Washington Square Park is ideal for a city-style photoshoot with strong panoramic views.
                  History On Each Step. Columbus Park

                  Searching for kind of dangerous atmosphere? Want to feel authentic emotions? Here we go with Columbus Park, located in an area, known as Chinatown.

                  During 19th century, it was among the most dangerous ghetto areas of New York.

                  Visit this major urban park to feel the city mood, to meet locals playing mahjong, to become a part of area which is full of different nations and ages.
                    Lower East Side Pearl. Corlears Hook Park

                    If you want to discover “another" Manhattan, come to see Corlears Hook Park.

                    Situated on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, it is calm and spacious. Thanks to endless winding paths, you can easily get lost.

                    However, no worries, as all the paths lead to magnificent shoreline, especially perfect during sunrise and sunset.
                      10. Ideal city jungle. Madison Square Park

                      The last but not least is Mad Sq Pk, how it is written in NYC official guide.

                      It is modernistic, green, and cute, so if you are searching for ideal city jungle location, this is a perfect place.

                      Making your dreams come true. NYC Photographer

                      That’s it. Manhattan has numerous parks, rich in unforgettable landscapes and the only thing is to capture the right moment. To make it live forever in our memories. To share it with others, expressing ultimate emotions. This is what I work for. Contact me and be sure to have the best location you have ever imagined!