Questions that you should ask yourself before marriage

It is not a secret for you that getting married is a serious step in your life. On this matter you can feel uncertain and even anxious. It's okay to feel this way and we are here to help.
Do you feel that it's a healthy relationship?
We can discuss what it exactly means forever. Anyway everybody has their own opinion. I know one thing for sure.. Feel independent, but mutually dependent. And mutual here is the main word.
Do you and your partner rely on each other?

A healthy relationship also means to trust each other. So think about it. Can you rely on your person in bad days and good days. I know you can easily say yes, but think about it deeply before you head for the altar.

Do you like who you are and who you are becoming with your partner?
It is very important to grow together in the relationship and to be yourselves. You should love the person you are and the person you are becoming. If it is out of balance, you need to talk first with your partner otherwise things can really get unhealthy. Marry each other for you who you are right now, and work together to become the best versions of yourselves.

Do you and your partner grow and change together?

Think how much you changed from the first time you met your love. Are there any changes? I hope so. The changes in ourselves are essential. You both should grow individually and together and support these changes. One more question here. Do you feel that your partner could change with you over time?
Do the people (family, friends, coworkers) think that your partner is a good fit for you?
The people who you love and care about see you a lot and see how you are with your partner. So ask them what they think and ask them for honest feedback. Are changes in you for better or for worse? If more than one friend or family member has a concern, it's worth to discuss it before you tie the knot.
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