What to do after your engagement

First, congratulations!!! You are officially engaged! You are definitely so happy right now and excited and also confused. It's ok, here you can find what exactly you should do next.
It's going to be the busiest months ever so relax for now. Before you even think about a wedding, take some time to celebrate. First, you should have some time with your partner, talk about plans and maybe even set some goals for your marriage. After you can tell to your friends and family. If you are not really a party person, make something special that fits you.
Start to search who can organise a wedding. Look what options you have and discuss it with your partner. I would advise you to make an account on the Knot as your wedding planning fairy godmother. You will get there access to really helpful tools for free. It includes a checklist, budget tracker, guest list manager and more. It makes your preparing much easier.

Make your dream team
If you have enough free time, you can organise your wedding by your own. If not, don't ignore of existing wedding organisers. It's worth to reveal yourself from stress. Make your preparation fun. Also ask some advices from your married friends.
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