7 Ways to make proposal without a ring

Sometimes there is no need to have an engagement ring. After all, we love love. It may seem like a faux pas, but it does not have to be a rule to make a proposal. Getting engaged is about feelings between two people and choosing to dedicate their love to one another. Many couples feel that they want to have something else instead of ring. So here are seven tips to propose without a ring.
Propose First, Ring Second.

You feel that you are ready for the next chapter in your relationship and right now you have such a wonderful moment so go ahead! Why not? You can just make the actual proposal. Share your feelings with your partner and discuss together what you can do next. Whether you end up to go to jewelry shop together or make something special for both of you, your partner will feel your sincere intention. Let's make your own movie!

Other jewelry piece

We are all different and let's face it, you have never worn a ring before. You don't feel comfortable to have something on your finger or have some issues of wearing ring. Who knows, right? Discuss it with your partner and make another option. It can be a necklace, or watch or maybe even glasses. It is good to feel comfortable, isn't it?

A significant present
You or your partner can think that spending a lot of money on ring is hilarious so here is another option. Put your finances on something more important. Pay off your partner's student loan or get a car, it can show your serious intentions to start a new life together.

A pet

You know that your partner is a pet person (cats, dogs, snakes?! whatever) therefore It will be amazing to present a little friend to your love and express your feelings with a new member of your family. Your partner's heart will be melted and you will definitely hear YES. Does it feel like to win a lottery, no?
A game

I'm sure you have unbelievable memories with your partner and sometimes you want to go back to some places and have the same moments. Unfortunately, it is hard to recreate happy moments but what you can do is to make even more unforgettable memories. Send your partner to different favourite places and make him/her win games and at the end you can express your feelings in one of the memorable place for both of you. Your friends and family are welcome to join! It can be so much fun.

A firework

If your partner is crying after romantic movies or asking you everytime to write love letters, your partner will love this idea. It will sound cheesy but it will be an incredible moment. I promise. Make something special for your partner, something that will belong only to him/her. It can be a firework or a poem or a song (hopefully you can sing, but If not your partner anyway will appreciate it) Make it really cheesy!
A vacation

You love travel and your partner loves travel so here is the best option for your couple. Take a getaway and have some new experiences. You can pop a question on the trip or even before planning. It sounds incredible, at least for me, to have an "engagement trip". You will definitely have many stories to tell after. Enjoy!

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