How to keep the "spark" in a relationship after marriage

This question fits not only for married couples, but also regular couples can find this information useful. Relationships can be the greatest source of motivation or it can be a heartbreak. It's also hard work, you already know this. When you start a relationship you feel excited to see your partner and butterflies in your stomach, right? But I guess you also heard about this myth that only in the beginning of relationship you have this spark and it's nearly impossible to have it after some time. So its certainly doesn't have to be like this. The Truth is that you need to learn how to keep the spark alive and maybe these tips can help you.
You always have to talk with your partner. It's the easiest way to know your partner's thoughts and concerns. You need to say as well if you feel anxious about something. It's the only way to understand each other and feel more love. Don't wait for your partner to say something, sometimes it's hard to talk about some stuff, so ask the right questions and listen to your partner. Don't ignore it!

Do you remember yourself in the beginning of the relationship when you always tried to make your partner happy? No matter what, right? Do you still do it? If not, you should start. You can't expect something to change without your input. You can start with small things and I'm sure you will see the difference.
Spend time together! Go for a date every Sunday or go out for breakfast on Saturday. Just have time together. Dinners at home don't count, ok?


The routine in a relationship can slow self-progression. Growth usually happens when we are out of our comfort zone. Suggest to learn something together or go on a new activity. Go for a vacation! But choose something unusual. To keep the spark alive you need to grow both individually and as a couple.
If you want to move forward with your partner, you need to let go any disappointments that you are keeping. You need to be honest with yourself and with your partner. When you release the past, you can truly love your partner for who they are and keep the spark alive.
The most expensive thing that you can give is your time. Remember it. Give as much as you can. Giving shows that you are making your partner a priority and believe me, your partner will be happy to feel it.
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