We ask professional architecture photographer Serg Makarov about his favorite spot for photo shoot on New York streets.
New York City is among the Top-100 most popular cities in the word for photographers! And it is not surprising. The combination of amazing views and stunning atmosphere makes you fall in love with the city from the very first minutes you find yourself in the Central Park or on the iconic Time Square.
However, it is easy to get lost in the numerous places-to-visit in New York City - so stay focused!

Here are the top 10 places for shooting in this crazy city where you are guaranteed to make the best shots.

Grab your camera and go
Professional architecture photographer Serg Makarov tell us his favorite spot for shooting New York city.

Times Square

Our list of Top-10 NYC places opens with the great Time Square, the most famous square in the world.
If you want to get directly into the very essence of modern New York with its crazy rhythm and diversity of inhabitants, start from this place.
Here neon lights, glamour, randomly running people mix into a unique iconic atmosphere. You can catch the diversity of the society, the ever-moving rhythm or simply the Rock'n'Roll style of the city life.
The best time to visit the Times Square is to catch so-called "Golden hour", a few hours before sunrise, when the sky is warm in its colours and the city is still sleeping, or few hours before twilight, when the colours are turning from all-shades-of-blue into black and the city is anxious in its life.
Times Square is always full with various artists and performers, who have become a natural part of this crowded place. Statue of Liberty, magicians, or Mickey Mouse with Scooby-Doo - no one can predict who will be on Times Square tomorrow.

Central Park

The next place is the famous Central Park. The fans of street photography will definitely get lost here.
It is amazing and you can spend here a whole day and even more because it has a plenty of magnificent places, which will inspire you to take your camera and search for the right perspective.
Plan your visit to the Central Park from the early morning. Like this, you will be able to catch the best light and the natural landscapes.
But before running to the Central Park, study carefully the plan, as it is literary huge and you can loose a lot of time simply walking and searching for the right location.
Here are some nice places inside the park which you might be interested in visiting with your shooting equipment:

  • Ghostbusters Building
If you want to shoot in a more hidden place, go to search for this Ghostbusters building. It is located at 55

Central Park West.
  • The lake
Beside the amazing view of water and romantic boats gazing back and forth, there is also an attractive boathouse right on the lake. There are plenty of nice angles and strong elements to focus on.
  • Bethesda Terrace
Nice arches will help you to make great architecture photography. Perfection of lines, authentic patterns, and colourful aesthetics of Terrace will inspire you for amazing shots.
There are much more opportunities to take great shots in the park, just take your time and wander through its numerous paths.
Grand Central Station

One more great historic place to visit is the Grand Central Station opened in 1871.
At first, you might get lost here because, on the one hand, there are many nice places to start with, on the other hand, it is heavy crowded at any time of the day.
However, don't get frustrated and don't give up so easy. Start with wide establishing photo of the station and then start browsing around, searching for interesting view or element of focus.
If you are fond of architecture photography, pay attention to exquisite archways and roofing at the Grand Central Station. By playing with light and exposition, you can make a really interesting shot.
Feel free to make yourself comfortable on the stations floor - you will see how many people are chilling here with their snack. It might be a good idea to capture a sense of freedom and the spirit of ever-changing history in the walls of this authentic building.

The Brooklyn Bridge

Moving on to another great place a-must-to-visit, it is time to mention the real New York icon - the Brooklyn Bridge, which we all know from numerous movies and TV-series.
This bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn, creating a panoramic view especially beautiful during the night, when the city is sparkling with its colourful lights.
The view gives you the opportunity to capture all major buildings, starting from Chrysler building to Empire State.
If you love symmetry, focus on the very center of the bridge and capture the play of cables connected and cross-connected with each other. Perfect geometry? Probably, but also a true aesthetic pleasure.

If you want to have a bridge completely "calm" with as less disturbing elements as possible - wake up early and come to see it in early hours when all the city is still asleep. In return you will have amazing shots with sunrise and the early unpredictable lights.

New York Public Library

A place with over 50 million books is considered to be one of the largest libraries if the world and it is a nice place to visit with your camera.
Both interior and exterior will inspire you to make great shots.

Rockefeller Center

In terms of architecture and the combination of lines, this place will help you to make stunning shots.
Framed by skyscrapers going directly into the clouds, your photo can capture diverse views of this magnificent place.
If you want, you can change the perspective and watch the city from the upper point. Go up and feel the power of the amazing city view which opens right in front of your eyes.
Empire State Building
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Whatever photos you take, the Empire State Building will definitely stand out as a great focus point. It is one of the symbols of modern city life which one can't deny.
Empire State Building is a winning element for any cityscape picture. It just can't be different, as it drags attention automatically. Be sure to place it in the right part of your photo.
You can also get inside the building and take some pictures of the magic panoramic view. Just keep in mind to book your tickets in advance, as the access is pretty limited.

Statue of Liberty

Another famous symbol of NYC is of course widely known the Statue of Liberty.
Depending on your "shooting intentions", you can choose different location to capture the statue in whole or in parts. For example, you can visit Liberty Island and get a close view or take a ferry to Staten Island.
It is never enough of the views of the great Statue of Liberty and you can check different locations and test many options.
The Gridiron

If you want to catch another authentic architecture, go and look at the famous building named the Gridiron. It has a very unique shape, so you can practice your skills here.
Experiment with composition and exposition, and as a result you will get really interesting geometric lines.
A plenty of small details will make your image vivid and catchy, attracting attention. Just choose the best weather and the right hours to perform the best results.

Streets Of NYC
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While browsing through numerous lists of places to visit, give you some free time just to feel the power of the city by simply walking through NY streets.
Full of amazing graffiti, funny writings, unexpected buildingsā€¦ Sometimes the best things which happen in our life are unplanned ones.
Thats why, after visiting all Top-10 places-to-see-to-photograph, make a break. Take a walk. Switch off all notifications and get silly lost in the city. Feel the atmosphere and let your camera capture the best parts of this amazing city.
Feel the Beauty and Magic of NYC
New York City is a perfect place to shoot non-stop: starting from one iconic place you move to another and basically you have no opportunity to switch off your camera. And it is great!
Remember to take your chargers and grab some food and get lost on the streets of this amazing city! Only by truly feeling its atmosphere you can really catch the true essence of the city and express it with amazing shots!
Be inspired and a bit crazy and in this case you will certainly feel the real power of this unique and magnificent city.

Thank you for photos and story to interior photographer Serg Makarov
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